On the left is a list of a few of our favourite rhythms, in table form:

Notes on the tables: 
B = Bass tone (played with the flat of the hand at the centre of the drum)
T = Open Tone (played nearer the edge of the drum, fingers together)
S = Slap tone (a sharper note played with a whipping action near the edge of the drum, fingers open and relaxed)
-  = "ghost" (a 'silent' beat), sometimes shown as / . 
F =  Flam (right & left-hand tone/slaps played in very quick succession, almost as a single sound)
The letters R and L indicate use of the Right or Left hand.

Click the name of the rhythm to see it as a table

(apologies for the wonkiness of some of the tables)
For more information about how to produce the sounds, see the first video on the "learn djembe" page of the website.